Cause, Effects and Solution of Deforestation.....

Deforestation: Cutting or Reduction of trees at any point of time is termed as Deforestation.

Causes of Deforestation: Deforestation occurs due to numerous reason almost in all part of the world. In Asia the primary cause for Deforestation is Agriculture as Most of the people are practicing Agriculture in large scale and result in huge Deforestation. People in India use to practice slash and Burn Agriculture which destroyed wide amount of Biodiversity. Second most reason people dependent on forest for wood. People use wood to build houses, for cooking purpose etc. 
In America they use wood to build houses, Paper and Pulp Requirements and also for Mechanisation.
In European country's they use forest in shipbuilding Industry, Paper and Pulp and for charcoal.
The Research Proven that Primary Cause of Deforestation is Mainly Agriculture. Other reason for the Depletion of forest are for Industries like Paper, as they require huge amount off trees. Next is human Greed People just to earn money they sell trees which own by them. Fibres industry also result in deforestation. 

Effects of Deforestation: (i) Deforestation result in the problem called Global warming. 
(ii) Soil erosion and land slide is the other problem due to deforestation.
(iii) Animals start coming to urban areas as they dint have their homes, its been destroyed.
(iv) Climate start changing and result in number of new diseases on planet.
(v) Deforestation result in large number of destruction of flora and fauna.
(vi) Deforestation also destroyed canopy which blocks the sunlight which result in destruction of plants and animal life.

We know that Forest is our life we are dependent of that for almost all around. So its our responsibility to save trees and our world from extinction.
Recycling of the paper can help to controlled deforestation but this is not a permanent method to solve this problem. Reforestation is the ideal method. In this we should involve each and every person of the earth along with the Government of respective nations. Men should not think of himself of his own greed instead he/she should think about this beautiful blue planet. People should not encouraged activity like slash and burn Agriculture inspite they encouraged Agriculture practice on same land using modern technology.